Pharmacy Balance

NTEP Certified | Class (III) - CC#. 87-019A1
60g x 0.01g

The Torbal Model DRX-3 meets or exceeds all the specifications and tolerances for a Class III prescription balance as defined in NBS Handbook 44, The Torsion Balance defines prescription weighing principles in a Pharmacy. Built with the classic Torsion mechanism, the TORBAL DRX-3 pharmacy balance has a sensitivity of 2mg, it is independent of wear, unaffected by dust or dirt, and adjustment is permanent – all of which adds up to extra-long, useful, maintenance-free service.

  • Prescription weighing and compounding
  • Torsional Bands
  • Deep Plexiglass Lid
  • Stainless Steel Pans
  • Sealed Case
  • Leveling Screws
  • Magnetic Damping
  • Spirit Level
  • No knife edge fulcrum to wear down or become dull.
  • High sensitivity
  • Initial sensitivity remains constant
  • Practically one piece. No loose parts mean balance is permanently adjusted
  • No bearings to accumulate dust or dirt
  • Will not become sluggish
  • Lasting adjustment and accuracy
  • Service free


60 g ( 2oz.)


1/32 grain ( 2mg )

Sensitivity Requirement

0.1 grain ( 6.5mg )

Dial grain

0.2 to 15

Dial gram

0.1 to 1


Polished Stainless Steel 3 1/8 in.


Positive Acting, non-corroding


Metal case with corrosion-resistant gray finish


11 x 6 x 8 in.

Net Weight

11 lbs.

Shipping Weight

13 lbs.