Pharmacy Balance

NTEP Certified | Class (II) CC#.  07-044A1
500g x 0.001g

TORBAL’s fastest and most powerful pill counting scale. Offers ultra-fast counting with instant access to our online NDC database with over 10,000 weights. With direct bottle filling the DRX-500 is an ideal inventory counter. Seamlessly connect to the user's online cloud account for detailed reporting and transaction monitoring.

  • RX Verification
  • Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy
  • Pill Fragment Detection
  • Rx and NDC Verification
  • Automatic updating
  • Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy (APA)
  • Automatic E-mail Reporting
  • Instant E-mail Alerts for user-caused miscounts
  • Quick User Barcode login options
  • Rx Size Tracking
  • NTEP Certified and Legal for Trade 
  • Premium high-performance laser barcode scanner
  • Transaction Printing
  • NDC Data Entry Reminder
  • Drug Name Labeling
  • LOT Number Labeling
  • Remaining to Fill Display
  • Counting Transaction Printing
  • Onscreen Instructions
  • Automatic Internal Calibration
  • Graphical Display
  • Sealed Keypad
  • Navigation Keys
  • Dual TARE Keys
  • Easy Leveling
  • Draft Ring
  • Automatic Zeroing


Online: National Drug Code Directory with access to over 10,000 Drug Weights. Requires Subscription. Internal: 10,000 NDC Capacity (No preloaded weights)

MW (Minimum Piece Weight)

30mg ( 3e )

MSS (Minimum Sample Size)

10 pieces

Sample Size Selection

10, 30, 60, 90, 100

Barcode Scanner

High-Performance Single-Line Laser

Maximum Capacity


Readability (d)


Verification Unit (e)


Stabilization time (typical)

Approx. 3s


Internal and Automatic

Tare Range


Accuracy Class


Pan Dimension

120 mm

Scale Dimensions

216 x 345 x 90 mm

Operating Temperature

+15C to +30C


USB, Ethernet, RS232